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Go here to purchase more songs.

Just use the search box or filters to find the songs you want, purchase the songs, and sign in on your mobile device to use the songs you purchased.

Since we sell songs from our website, we need to connect those purchases to your mobile device somehow.  Therefore, you must sign-in to or create a worshipbandinhand.com account to have access to your purchased songs.

Yes.  Your account can be authorized on up to 3 devices.  Once a device is authorized for your account, it will have access to all the purchases you've made.

Yes.  Just sign into your account here on worshipbandinhand.com.  In your account section you'll find a list of all the authorized devices for your account.  Just pick the one that you no longer have acces to and de-authorize it.

No.  As listed on our Policies Page, we do not accept returns or offer refunds.

Since all In-App Subscriptions and Purchases made through Worship Band in Hand are processed by Apple, you will need to update or cancel your subscription using their tools. You can view directions on their website here.

No, we do not offer chord charts for sale.  Although, there are high-quality chord charts that work well with Worship Band in Hand available from multiple sources.  We recommend getting your chord charts from LifeWayWorship.com (great for LWW songs purchases from Band in Hand), CCLI, or PraiseCharts.

Using chord charts from one of these sources is easy when using Worship Band in Hand.  Just use Band in Hand's Arrangement View to get a sense for the order of the song and learn the chords for each section from the chord charts.

For a PDF chord chart of the free song you get for registering, Nothing But The Blood, just click here.

Some of our Band Track recordings are provided by the original artist and label.  These "master recordings" are priced differently to reflect that they are the original recordings.



On iOS devices, with the Song List displayed, swipe from right to the left over the Song Title that you would like to delete. Once the song is deleted, it can be redownloaded at a later time.

Yes.  In Version 2.0 on iOS when you hear the section you'd like to loop, just tap the loop button.  That section will loop until you tap the loop button a 2nd time to turn looping off.  You can also use the AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal to turn looping on and off.

We officially support the AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal in Version 2.0 on iOS.  The first pedal is used for playing and pausing a song.  The second pedal is used to turn looping on and off.

If you have a third and fourth pedal, those are used to go to the previous song and skip to the next song.

Yes.  In Version 2.0 on iOS, in the Arrangement View you can drag song sections to a new location in the timeline, drag a song section out of the timeline to remove it, or add a song section to the timeline by dragging it from the list of sections into the timeline.

In General

In Version 2.0 on iOS*, some devices do not have a processor that is powerful enough to change tempo and perform a key change at the same time.  On these devices, you are able to change tempo or perform a key change on any song, but not at the same time.

If you get this message and would like to find a device that supports changing tempo and performing a key change simultaneously, you will need to use one of these devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • 5th Generation iPod Touch
  • 4th Generation iPad
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2

*Worship Band in Hand for Android does not support Tempo change.  Therefore, you should not receive this error on Android.

Hosa Y-CableYou will need a “1/8th inch Y-adapter” to plug your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into your sound system.

The 1/8th inch side will plug into your iDevice’s headphone jack. The other two ends will plug into your sound system.

All the music for Worship Band in Hand comes out of the LEFT side of the cable. The click comes out of the RIGHT side of the cable. You can route the click to in-ear monitors to keep the congregation from hearing it.

Once the device is connected to your sound system, how you route the audio will depend on your setup. One configuration would be to have the Music (Left side) plugged into Channel 1 on your board and the Click (Right side) plugged into Channel 2. You could turn the fader up on Channel 1 for the congregation to hear the music. Then, you could turn your Monitor Aux Send up on both Channel 1 and Channel 2 so that the floor/stage monitors get both the music and click track from the App. Alternatively, you can use In-Ear monitors for the musicians to really make sure the congregation can’t hear the click track.

Worship Band in Hand is setup for iOS devices that run iOS 7. That includes these devices:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+
  • iPads 2nd Generation or newer (including the iPad mini)
  • 5th Generation iPod Touch

You can also use all of your Band Tracks inside of MediaShout Version 5.2 on Windows (not compatible on MediaShout 6 or later)! This integration into MediaShout allows you to sync your lyrics to display while the song plays.

 We’d love to hear your ideas!  Just head over to our Contact Us Page and let us know what you’re thinking.

Worship Band in Hand provides Band Tracks for each song in our library. Band Tracks are instrument groups that let you decide what the song will sound like and which instruments are “played” by the app. Then, you can play along live with whatever instruments you have available. Most songs in Worship Band in Hand have up to 8 of these Band Tracks that you can change the volume of individually or mute completely: Drums, Percussion/Loop, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Electric, Lead Electric, Keys, Piano, and/or Background Vocals.

Yes, please do!  Just head over to our Contact Us Page and tell us which song(s) you'd like to see made available.

Yes!  This is a great trick to have your iOS device work wirelessly from stage.  Just connect the Airport Express audio outputs to your sound board and connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.  You'll be able to wirelessly stream Worship Band in Hand to your sound board!


Purchasing a song in Worship Band in Hand does not release you from any other licensing or copyright requirements. If you are already paying CCLI fees, we recommend you continue to do so. If you are not paying CCLI fees, we recommend you visit www.ccli.com to find out more about CCLI.

No. If you wish to use Worship Band in Hand to record a version of a song, you must acquire a Mechanical or DPD license directly from the copyright owner as well as contact MediaComplete before recording begins.

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