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Worship Band in Hand's flexible tools allow worship teams to use Band Tracks to have a full band sound while still being responsive to the moment. Learn how below.

Live Worship Benefits

Fill In Missing Parts

Did your drummer cancel last minute? Or don’t have one? Use Worship Band in Hand to easily fill in the gaps.

Responsive Worship

Loop any section with a button press. Stay responsive to the moment even while using Band Tracks.

Sync Playback with Team

With our Sync Playback* feature you are able to sync 5 devices during playback making it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Additional Instruments

Our Band Tracks allow you to supplement your sound to help cover extra parts even if you have a full band already.

Atmosphere Pads

Pad sounds give you ambience as musical glue to fill in your sound, whether you have a single instrument or a full band. Play them in any key under any song. No click/tracks required.

Flexible Arrangements

With our Band Tracks you are not stuck with the original flow of the song. Simply drag and drop to rearrange the song.

*Additional Subscription Feature